5G broadband issue

Level 2
I have had 5g with the sagecom modem for 9 months, recently we have no internet. Devices would link to the modem but would say no internet. Rang support, went through it all with them, nothing worked. Sent modem back, received new modem and sim yesterday. Same issues. Rang support, went through it all again, ended with the issue has been escalated and someone will call in the next 24-48hrs. Fyi modem lights up, atleast 3 bars of signal, have tried it in different locations of the house, can sometimes get the wifi to connect and try to do a speed test but doesn't even register during the test and then kicks me off. Tried to reset, checked settings, checked signal/s. Checked for outages in area. Any ideas? Location 2232

Hi @Oz_waz 


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