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5G not available as advertised

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I agreed to switch from existing TPG NBN Service (which suffered from short drop-outs and need to reset router and/ot modem several times each month, which got annoying) to the 5G service, as it offered similar speeds and shouldn't suffer such 'drop-outs'. According the the TPG 'check my address' tool, 5G *is* available at my address. This was a pleasant surprise to me, as last time I had checked  on 5G coverage it didn't reach into our part of the suburb (which is in a valley). So I signed up and setup the new 5G modem today.

As I had half-expected, it only got a 3/4 bar 4G service, and the best I could get near a window anywhere in our house is 4 bars of 4G. During the sign-up process I had been told that the TPG 5G service uses the Vodafone 5G, so I searched and found the Vodafone 5G coverage map. Sure enough, our address is showing as 'outside 5G' but doesn't have 'indoor 5G'.

I'm not too upset as the download and upload speeds are still better than our old 50Mbps NBN plan, and it a few dollars a month cheaper (and might not suffer drop-outs like the NBN in our area), but I would like to know why the TPG availability checker says our address gets 5G while the Vodafone map says it doesn't (and we don't)?

Also, on a related topic - since TPG told me we *do* get 5G service indoors at our address, is it likely to happen soon? (i.e. are they planning to put in a few more 5G towers nearby to improve coverage in 'the valley'?



Hi @ralphemorgan


Kindly send your full address via private message and we'll check on the network coverage. 
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