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5g Modem/connection issues FIXED! MODS please read!

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Hi All,


Hope this posts helps all in the same boat and gets some TPG technicians in line due to poor/lazy support.


I have been with TPG 5g home internet for over 6 months. Speed has been great and have generally been happy. However, I suffered from frequent internet dropouts ever 5 days or so. All the while Signal strength on the modem was strong/excellent and Wifi signal also strong/excellent. The modem also being in direct line of sight to the mobile tower 1km away. It was all an easyTEMPORARY fix with simply turning off the modem and back on and internet was good again for a few days then it would cut out all to repeat the same proccess ever 5-7days. This was whilst using the Sagemcom Superfast 5866t. Obviously this was becoming annoying and frustrating so I decided to contact TPG support.


TPG support sent a new modem the Nokia Fastmile 3.2 to no avail, the problem actually occured even more frequently 3-4 days. I contacted support again with their comments being this is the best you can achieve and recommend moving over to NBN. However I felt they did not dive into the issue either due to inexperience or lack of desire to work and fix the issue. Seeing that the problem was fixed everytime with a simple power cycle of the modem I believed the problem was not the 5g service but perhaps a setting or firmware issue. 


So I did my own research online and stumpled upon others with similar issues on 5g with different providers. Their fix was to simply turn off IPV6 and use IPV4. So I waited till my internet droped again, althought still connected to the tower with strong signal, and went into the modem settings and turned off IPV6.


Guess what? The internet magically woked again WITHOUT a power cycle of the modem and NO MORE DROP OUTS since !!!

My frustration at the technicians grew great after this as it was such a simple fix!


In addition to this, when subscribing to the 5g plan it was available in my location now however, TPG and Vodafones address checker stated my location has no 5g service despite having very strong signal, speeds and low latency. This makes me suspect that the technicnas have reported a FALSE signal issue in my location and have removed my location from the 5g service.


This just make me wonder how many customers TPG/Vodafone are losing simply due to the Technicians not fixing such a simple issue!


Hope this helps anyothers and sorts out the technicians who clearly werent able to help.


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Hi. Your post interests me greatly, as I have experienced the same issues. When you say that you turned off IPV6, did you simply remove any data in the IPV6 fields? I have the Sagecomm 5G modem.
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With my Nokia modem, I toggled the WAN settings IP Mode switch to IPv4 only. No other settings or fields were changed.