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5ghome super slow and unstable since Dec.

Level 2

I signed up 100M tpg 5g home plan early Nov. 2023, the 1 month internet is fast and smooth, speedtest can get up to 200M

From Dec. 04, the connection is extremely slow and unstable. I run speed test a few times, some times up to 30M, most of time less than 1M. 

I tested wifi speed from ipad to laptop using iperf, the wifi speed is 150m-200m so I can rule out the wifi issue. 

modem signal is full bar (4 lights),

I called customer service, they can't identify the issue and transfered to network team on Dec. 15, on Dec.16 I was told it is planed outage for maintaince work (although service status page shows "We don't have any scheduled network maintenance planned for your area").

I called again yesterday (Dec. 19) for update, customer service told me service outage has completed, yet I still got same issue, transfer to network team again. just received a callback and I was told "Your TPG service is part of an outage" again, and there is no ETA for restore


what kind of outage takes more than 2 weeks and your customer service doesn't even know it?


I am working from home and my work rely on fast stable internet, i have to use mobile hotspot to work since Dec. 04, while paying for 5g home plan.


case reference no: 13217636

location: Baulkham hills, 2153, NSW