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#9524142 NBN Internet is down. wait a whole day only get this ticket number

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I find my internet speed is very low yesterday night. I just think maybe it is because the bad weather. today morning, I restart the all router, but the connection light is flashing red. contact TPG support, they are useless and they just ask me to wait some technical engineer will contact me today. I stay at home to wait someone for a whole day but only receive ticket number 9524142. Bad service.

Hi @boyinli8,


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I'm sorry about the disruption of your service. Based on the tests and the assessment of our Helpdesk Team, there's a fault on the line that needs assistance from NBNCo.


From what I can tell, this was already raised to NBNCo and an appointment has been booked for you. Our records show that you agreed to the said schedule as well.


Your attendance is required for this particular appointment. You may also delegate someone of legal age should you be unavailable. Feedback pertaining to the outcome of the tech visit will be provided to you directly by our Engineering Team.


If you have questions or need clarification, feel free to leave us a message.