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ADSL 2+ Speed

Level 1c

Switched to TPG ADSL 2+ earlier in the year, and got download speeds of up to 16Mbps (completely fine, and much better than previous provider). I am within 1500m CABLE distance of the exhange, about 800m LoS.


Currently have a download speed that NEVER exceeds 5Mbps, and is often as low as 1Mbps, upload speed is sub 1Mbps and takes ages to actually start when using speedtest, sometimes both UL/DL tests fail entirely.


Modem is saying I have a link speed of 6279kpbs down, 777kbps up, and my ping times are often over 1000ms.


Have called tech support, they've run remote tests while on the phone, and 'escalated to engineering'. If there's anything else I can do to get the speed I originally got when first connecting, let me know, cause it's pretty unusable now.

Level 1c

I've now been told to check my home phone (which I don't have, the modem is plugged directly into the phone port without a splitter) and just now that my ADSL service has been removed...which is clearly wrong as I'm typing this from a computer connected to the TPG ADSL service.


Can someone who know's what they're talking about please look into this?

Level 1c



TPG now claim that I have a phone line provider with someone else (which isn't the case otherwise I've been provided with a home phone line for free for 5 months...?) and that I was assigned an internet only service.

I was then told the ADSL 2+ bundled with Home Phone was unavailable at my address and told to 'figure it out' by the phone support team.


Ten clicks on the website later, I've "changed my plan" to ADSL + Home Phone Bundle (which is what I signed up for in the first place), a technician is going to have to come to the building and physically change lines, and until then I'm stuck on slow internet because my phone line service is provided by no-one and niether TPG nor Telstra have access to fix anything.


So that'll be another $179 to TPG for getting what I signed up for in the first place.




Hi @jharrison18,


I was able to locate your account using your community details. This has been raised to our Engineering Team and I've seen you have been in contact with one of our Engineers and advised that there is no home phone line codes from Telstra that affects the internet not to work.


We'll pass this to our Engineering Team and make a follow up. Let me know if you wish to speak with one of our Engineers for further details.




Hi @jharrison18,


One of our Account Specialists tried to call you to provide updates on your account's provisioning status unfortunately no avail.


In case you will have time you can call our hot line 13 14 23 (option 3 +1).