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Hi. I am currently getting around 4.8 Mbps download on ADSL 2+ at best which I don’t think is anywhere near acceptable as I’m only 1765m from the Paradise (PRDS) exchange,  9 Glynburn Rd, Glynde, 5070. Can someone please do a line check for me?


Thanks in advance.A5C808ED-3CEA-44E2-B2AB-C9AEE4FE008A.jpeg


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I want to help get to the bottom of this issue as your experience is very important to us. I have searched for your details in our system and I’d like to check that we have the correct information before we continue.


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I've conducted remote tests and the results does not show a physical issue with the line outside that would affect your internet speed.


The 1765m is the line of sight distance only from the Paradise exchange to your premises. But the possible actual cable distance is 2753m based on our line test and this is affecting the sync speed. As you maybe aware, ADSL2+ mainly relies on the cable quality and length. The farther you are from the exchange, the slower the speed gets.


The speed test result that you got earlier is within acceptable range in relation to your cable length.


In addition, your internet speed is being split among all your devices. Which means that when your downloading a file, it will consume bandwidth and will affect other devices.


Let's say there are 4 devices connected at the same time, not all devices will get the max speed but rather be divided into all those devices connected.


Another thing that we need to consider is the Wi-Fi capability. The biggest factors which reduces Wi-Fi performance are the effect of distance and internal walls have on signal strength.


For your reference, you may check the following articles that would provide you further information: 



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