ADSL Cancellation

Level 1c

Please cancel my ADSL internet account effective immediately. This will mean we will no longer have any services with TPG. We are not in contract with TPG and therefore have been advised that no fees will apply. Do not delay this request as you will need to backdate the cancellation. I am pre-paid up until March so TPG no longer has authority to take any more money out of my account.  


Yesterday I sent an email to the customer relations TIO section addressed to H..... (I don't want to use his full name as a courtesy to maintain his privacy) regarding the cancellation of my ADSL account. I was advised that he cannot speak to his customers as he has no voice. I hope his voice heals soon. Please follow up this is being cancelled in case he is absent due to being unwell and confirm via email that the cancellation has occured. Thank you.



Hi @tchristensen, we regret to know that you have already decided to cancel the service, but we respect your decision and we appreciate your business with us.


We'll chase this matter with our Complaints Resolution Team and a case manager will be in touch within 24-48 hours via email or a phone call to further discuss the matter.


Should you have a preferred contact number and email address, please send it via PM.


Let us know should you have further queries. Thank you.


Hi @tchristensen,


Your case manager has sent you an E-mail and he would like to know if you will be transferring the home phone number to your new provider.


If yes, the account needs to be active until the porting is completed and home phone is working to your gaining provider.

If no, he can go ahead and proceed in terminating your account ASAP.


Please respond to the E-mail or let us know and will forward it to him.


Kind regards,