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ADSL not working Wareemba NSW

Level 1a
Can some please advise what is happening with my internet. TPG phone support told me for 2 months when it was constantly dropping out that all was it's gone completely and they say it's a Telstra line problem affecting 400 homes. Time to repair is 12 days.
Is this true or a fob off?

@LuciLu Not sure about the past 2 months, if it's okay with you, let's focus on getting your internet working. According to the latest info we have here, our 3rd party provider Telstra is having issues with customers connected to Five Dock exchange, estimated time of repair is on or before 11 Oct


I currently see that your internet is up for more than 3 hours now at a speed of more than 20 Mbps.


Kind regards,

Joseph D