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ADSL2+ Connection dead

Level 2
Sometime between 12:30am and 6am my internet link went down.
No light showing on the router to indicate a line and router is indicating no network present.
Bundled home phone is still working just fine.
I have checked and replaced all of the cables and my splitter with a branc new one.
Messaged though facebook at 7:45am, was asked a question at 12:30pm! Since then no replies.
Logged an email request with helpdesk at 8:45am. No response at all.
TPG, your service and customer service over the last 3 weeks has been abysmal. Do you really expect people to move to your NBN offering if this is what we can expect?

Very, very poor effort.

Hi @Mummbles


Welcome to TPG Community!


We were able to locate your account using your community details and understand that you were able to reach our Tech team yesterday to report the issue.


They've detected a fault within the external copper line and the case was escalated to our Engineering team in order to request for a Telstra technician to resolve the issue.


Telstra have told us they have booked a technician to check your TPG service anytime between now and 04/Feb/2020. Your attendance is NOT required.


Further updates will be given by your assigned Engineer via SMS or phone call.


In the meantime, you may contact us if you have any queries and will forward it to them.