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ADSL2+ Dropping out constantly

Level 2
I’ve been asking for help and confirmation for my request since this morning. Still no acknoledgement what so ever.
Over the last few weeks my ADSL 2+ speeds have become
slower, keeps dropping out and has at times completely stopped working. It has got to the point that it is totally unreliable and unusable.
• The modem is connected directly into the phone line (wall socket)
• I have cycled the modem and rebooted multiple times
• I don’t have any unfiltered devices or telephony device(s) connected.
Could you please investigate and maybe test my ADSL connection.

Hi Bromley,


Are you connected to the internet right now? I can detect low resistance on the line which is possibly caused by a issue with a device connected to the socket, broken filter, or issue with the phone socket.


The connection and speed from the exchange to the modem is okay, but the authentication or allowing of the system to connect appears to be having an issue. The possible cause are stated above or the modem.


I've made advjustments on your signal to noise ratio to help with the stability. Please observe the connection and advise us if the issue will persist.


Kind regards,

Joseph D