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ADSL2+ connection waiting on Telstra end

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Hi can someone from TPG inform me what is happening with my ADSL2+ installation progress, as I have called up a few times being handballed to various departements then being disconnected, and also same with the online chats spent a whole day waiting for an answer then chat gets disconnected/closed by TPG.


I have been told my connection is now pending from Telstra by a TPG chat rep (it has been about 10 working days (ordered ADSL2+ on the 28th of March 2020) and there is still no sign of internet or further notices from TPG),  the previous tennants have let me use their ADSL for the new unit I have moved into and as a sign of good will.


They've let me use it for 3 weeks while I wait for TPG, but now the service have been disconnected and I am working from home so internet now is crucial, (Im not sure why its taking so long as I had ADSL2+ last night).


TPG chat has informed I will recieve a call from a case manager but still have not recieved this call.


Looking forward for a response.





Hi ericsoon88,


My apologies if you are not able to reach our support people.

Unfortunately, the installation time is delayed.

I had checked your case and still ongoing issue by our carrier.

We are waiting for its outcome.

As soon as we have any update, we will advice you.



Level 2

Hi Luisc,


Can you provide any updates from Telstra, as highlighted previously I am on hotspot working from home and this is not good enough. 


The case manager has also not called its been 48hrs, please give me a solution otherwise I will be forced to switch to a different provider by COB today.



Level 2

Anyone from TPG provide an update???