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No Connection at my new location

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I have requested for tranferring NBN at my new location on 15th April. The request has been made on 11th of March. Payment has been processed but I haven't recieved any email about the connection availability at my new location. Me and my spouse have to work from home and its really frustating that despite your early request and multiple reminders there is no internet. The CS guys told me that my new location has NBN and its connected through FTTN and no tech will be required for this installtion. Still its not there. Please help.


Hi @SaudSiddiqi

Your relocation/install order is still progressing.


Your old service was NBN-HFC, and your new service will be NBN-FTTN.

If you are using a TPG supplied modem, it will work on both.


When your FTTN is ready, you should plug a cord from the phone port on the modem, to the phone socket in the wall.

Your modem config may need updating.




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Hi David,


Thanks for the info. My issue is non-activation of internet at my new place. In the tracker install order is still progressing. But I was suppose to get the internet at my place on 15th of April for which I placed a request about a month back.

In these times when nearly everyone has to work from home and I am still struggling to get the connection at my place.