ADSL2+ speeds slow

Level 2

Hi, yesterday my internet dropped out and when it reconnected i was getting less than half of what i would normally get. I'm on ADSL 2+ and my normal speeds were 10mb/down and 1mb/up and now my upload speed is non-existent. 


I've tried other tests, including isolating my computer on the network and then isolating other computers, resetting my router, disabling wifi etc etc. each test i've done hasn't helped the speeds at all. I've been using this service for the past 11 months and while the speeds are slow its never been THIS slow.

Please i really need this looked into as i work from home

Level 2

Hi @Sadpanda,


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We would like to look into your account to further test the connection to understand the issue. We've searched for your account but failed to find a match.


Please shoot me a private message with your TPG username or CID number.


Thank you.