Adsl2+ speed

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Hi, I am with TPG since about a week. ADSL 2+ speed is very unstable. In the last 2 days it us unusable with download speeds during the day with less than 1 Mbps. Also the internet connection is dropping out for about 1 min several times...Now at 10:30pm it is suddenly 10Mbps whereas 2hrs ago I could not even load the google website. I have a new netgear ac1200 modem router. Configuration is according to TPG settings. Phone filter installed. I rebooted already several times. As the speed is varying so much, the problem must come from the line. I lodged already a ticket online today. However confirmation email did not provide ticket number but saying TPG will be in touch latest 4 hrs later. Nothing happened so far. Please get in touch with me asap. Thanks Frederik

Hi @Troefr1


Welcome to our Community! 


I've searched for your account using your Community details and was able to find a match. 


I managed to ran some test and has seen errors that will affect the stability and speed of your internet services. However, it does not show a clear conclusion that there's a fault with the physical line.


I've now made some changes on the line to improve the stability of the connection.

Nonetheless, I would still recommend to have one of our technicians to call you to do real time testing should you be available. 


Please let us know your best contact time and number via PM and we'll have this arranged for you. 


For your reference, please see this link on how to send a PM.




Hi @Troefr1


I can see that one of our technicians has been in touch. 


This case has now been raised to our Engineering team and will go through an assessment.


You will receive an update from our engineering team within the next 24 hours via SMS or phone call. 


I've also now chased this to our Engineering team to have this prioritised. 


Should you need further assistance, please let us know.