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Alt router for HFC NBN

Level 1b
Hi all,
NBN has been installed but still waiting on TPG to send modem/router.
In the meantime, I'm bashing my head against the wall trying to reconfigure a Telstra Sagemcom F@ST5355.
(BTW: changing username & pword alone doesn't work)

Hi @b0xmiras,


Welcome to TPG Community!


Is the Sagemcom F@ST5355 modem/router locked with Telstra or not?


If it is, then it is not possible to be configured on our TPG NBN service.

If not, then you can check this community link with discussions on some router that was used for NBN HFC successfully. Click here.


You may check the settings if it can fit your Sagemcom modem.


The TPG NBN HFC router is still in progress and a follow up was already sent to our logistics team. Further updates will be given via SMS/Call or E-mail once available.


Let us know should you require further assistance.


Kind regards,


Level 1a

Hi b0xmiras,


Just wanted to follow up on your situation because I am exactly in the same position as you and wondered if there was any resolve to this?