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Archer vr1600v internet connection

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I have repalced my TPG-supplied Archer vr1600v router with another router (Archer AC4000), which is now directly connected to my NBN modem. I now wish to use the vr1600v attched to a poweline extender to exend my network to parts of my house not reachable by the AC4000, however when I connect the vr1600 I cannot get internet access through it (ie the "Internet" LED does not light up). 


Any thoughts? 



Hi @allensmyth1


If you wish to use one of the VR1600 as an extender the setting should be like this.


Under 'Advanced' Tab > 'Network' > Internet Connection Type: 'Dynamic' > VLAN ID Unchecked.


Once you set this you can simply connect it to the LAN ports of your main modem/router.

See photo below:


3RD PARTY VR1600.png


Let me know should you require further assistance.