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Bad Teams calls and Gaming experience

Level 2

Hi, I have recently moved to TPG in hopes of getting better gaming experience but unfortunately it has gotten worse. I have an FTTP connection with LAN setup and I am using Edge router with upload and downloads locked at 45/18 for a 50/20 connection. 

I get an absolutely poor experience with Teams calls and presentations which is very embarassing to say the least. Similarly my gaming within Australian servers like CSGO Faceit and Rocket league glitches. I also play Mortal kombat 11 but ever since I have moved to TPG NBN the sessions are so unstable I have not even been able to finish one single round which is like 60 seconds. Is that the usual experience ? Or is something particularly wrong with my connection. 


I feel that all the time-senstivite applications behave this way. This behaviour is uniform across all other devices including my xbox which also has same issues with mortal kombat, whatsapp calls are glitchy etc. Is it my POI ? I am connected to Peakhurst POI. 


Hi @mfaiqs5

There are a lot of factors that can affect the service such as the performance of third party suppliers and equipment, force majeure events, your hardware/software configuration and wireless connection. 


Let's do some checking and remote tests to see if there's any line fault that is service affecting. 


Could you please provide your Customer ID or username via private message