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Bad network, complaints so many times, no response

Level 2

I have signed up with TPG FTTB 3 years, I raised many complaints and different technitian gave different  feedback. TPG Network was bad, speed was almost min level sometimes with no network. I have raised the issue to TIO, and during the period I raised issues with no network to TPG. However, no one contacted me almost a month time and then send me some links to test the speed if there is any issue happen next time. Now I want to leave TPG. I have emailed 3 times to Sheryll in TIO resolution team since 11 days ago, rang customer service and requested a call back. However no response from anyone.


Really upset with TPG! Anyone has faced similar problems? How have you deal with it?


Hi @noresponsewhy


Thanks for raising this with us.


We'll chase this with your case manager for them to contact you via Email or phone call.