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Beware of TPG-charged me for 2 plans for the same period and same address

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I got 5G Home Broadband one-month free trial on 1 Sep 2022. Due to the connection breaks often, I requested to cancel on 22 Sep 2022 by email.


I received a call from Account Specialist Jasmine and she confirmed there are no payments as it is one month free and I will receive an email with instructions including the e-connote to return the modem. Jasmine offered me other plans and I decided to purchase TPG NBN 100 plan and modem and paid $189.94 on the same day 23 Sep (NBN100 plan monthly fee $79.99 + modem $99.95 + delivery $10.00).


TPG emailed and texted me saying they already installed the NBN service on the same day 23 Sep but they didn’t dispatch the modem order until 26 Sep.


On 26 Sep TPG charged me $64.99 for cancelled 5G Home Broadband. I have requested refund by many emails and calls but nothing happened yet. Now TPG has charged me for two plans for the same house and same period.


The modem for NBN100 delivered on 28 Sep and try to install with their technical support but couldn’t. They suggested to return it and have a another one. I called TPG and asked to return the modem and refund me ($99.95) as I decided to BYO. I haven’t received the instruction email yet to return it.


Today I live without any internet but charged for two TPG plans from my bank account.


I need a clear reply to understand;

  1. When can I get 5G refund ($64.99) and modem return instructions
  2. NBN100 modem return instructions and refund ($99.95)



Hi @teklaliyanages


We'd like to have a better understanding of the situation and see what we can do to clear this up.


Kindly shoot me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number.



Level 2

I have sent PM with my two usernames and two account numbers. Thanks.