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Billing/Refund enquiry - Moving home from NBN to ADSL 2+

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Good afternoon,


I moved home a month ago and I had organised to have my NBN connection turned off and cancelled on the 17/2, I spoke to a woman on the phone who assurred me that it would be cancelled on that date and that I would be credited the remaining balance for the month. It turns out that it was never cancelled and then I was charged for another month of NBN a couple of weeks afterwards. I spoke to a person on the phone and they said that the NBN had not been cancelled, they ended up cancelling my account, however the cancellation date ended up being on 27/2, thus I have "paid" for 10 days worth of NBN when I wasn't living at my old place (my new place only has ADSL 2+ currently).


Fast forward, I was told that I was going to have a credit placed onto my account, I am yet to see this credit and I have been charged for my ADSL 2+. I am currently missing a $69.99 reimbursement for the NBN that I shouldn't have paid for, and then a further 10 days reimbursement as I was charged for NBN when I wasn't living on the residence.


To be honest, I am pretty dissatisfied with my service thus far. Any help would be appreciated.