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Billion BiPAC 8700AXL failing to configure

Level 2
I'm trying to configure my router for this first time and keep getting this error message. Ethernet cable is connected to nbn connection box, which is connected to the phone socket in the wall. Power, WLAN and WAN lights are green on the modem, all 4 lights on the nbn box are lit up. Any suggestions on what's causing this?
Level 15

Hi @amybeveridge1 . Have you downloaded the user manual? It is quite comprehensive.

P129 has WAN configuration.

You are using the ethernet wan connection, so you may have to disable the other two or remove them.

P142 has ethernet wan details. Settings are PPPoE, username + and password.

Initially, Firewall should be unticked. But try it both ways.

If you are on bundled NBN/VOIP plan, set 802.1p to 0 and 802.1q to 2. (This is the vlan id.)