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Blocked emails being sent to TPG users

Level 2

I am running a not for profit caravan touring group and a couple of our members are TPG email users. My emails being sent to them are being blocke. This is causing a great amount of stress as they are seniors and not all that IT savie.

The email is all about our upgcoming caravan trip and they need to be updated on the itinerary etc.

The email contains links to my website (has a https address) along with tables, our email address etc


I am trying to determine what is causing the block. I receive this message...

The response was: write error: FAILED_PRECONDITION: write error (0): error


The email is being sent to jcmaddox email account


Can you please help me as the recipient (Helen) is pretty stressed.


I have created a JPG version of the email which was blocked and attached it


I wait in Hope

Neil Alexander



Hi @BaileyTagalong ,


Let us help identify what is causing issues when sending emails to TPG email addresses. Could you shoot us a PM with your email address you used to send an email so we can raise this with our postmaster for investigation?

How to send a PM?





Level 15

@Shane . Another case of TPG refusing emails from Gmail. (Same error message.)