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Bridging Huawei HG659 for FTTN

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Anyone know how to bridge the the HG 659. Have to help a friend who has tried but failed Smiley Wink

HG 659 1.JPG


Hi @Optimus

Found this little snippet

Note: Bridge Mode is only supported for VDSL and FIBRE connections.

Setup the Huawei HG659/HG659b:

Login to your the HG659/HG659b interface.
Click Internet from the top menu
Click Internet Settings from the left menu
Locate and select your connection type Image :
VDSL connection: INTERNET_TR069_VDSL_VID_10
Fibre connection: INTERNET_TR069_ETH_VID_10
Click Edit
Change the following settings:
Service type: Tick only INTERNET (ensure both TR069 and Voice are unticked)
Connection type: Bridged
Click Save
Click OK at the warning message

Try that out and see if it works