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Broadband off net constantly dropping out

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Over the past week my home service has been awful. It either constantly drops out or some days it doesn't come on at all. When it does, it's painfully slow. I have turned off and on the modem several times, removed the filter to no avail. I don't run a home phone so that isn't the problem.


I don't beleive there is an issue with my modem however, NBN installation has been happening in my street recently and I've had issues ever since so I think it might be a street cable issue.


Hi @Jamieh,


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Hi Riezl,


Thank you so much for the reply.


I emailed the TPG helpdesk as well yesterday and they told me that they checked the line and apparently it's on my end. Funny thing though, when I got home yesterday it was running. It's still a little slow but there were no drop outs overnight.


NBN were cleaning out the cable trays the other day which I think has affected the service. I have also purchased another phone cable to run from the filter to the modem so will replace that over the weekend and see how it goes.


If I still have troubles after this, I'll get in touch.


Thanks again,



Thanks for letting us know, @Jamieh.


Feel free to drop us a message should you need any assistance.