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Can hardly connect to China website these days

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It is about two weeks. I can hardly visit Chinese website by using TPG website, either wireless and cable.  At first, It seems like there is a wall between them. Even cannot log in the email website. It brings lots of problems. However, I can do that by connecting my mobile network provided by Vodafone, In addition, my friends, who also Tpg network, doesn't have these kinds of problem. I think it must be something wrong with my home network. What can I do to fix that problem?  


Hi @xuzihan96,


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What type of service and modem/router do you have? If you're having problem accessing some website.

1. You can manually set google's DNS just to check if you're able to access the Chinese Website you'd like to open.

2. You can perform a factory reset ( pushing the rest button behind/back of the modem )

Note: If you Factory Reset your modem you need to re-configure the modem/router's connection settings and Wireless network and password.