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HFC Router - Which brand is shipped

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What router do you now supply with a new NBN HFC installation using an existing home phone.

I have had conflicting answers.

Online chat advise the new TP-Link VR1600v is supplied after asking them to verify this.

Technical email support said this router is no longer supplied and TPG have reverted back to supply the Huawei HG 659 again.

Which is correct as recent reviews indicate the TP Link VR1600v may be a better all round router.


Hi @Dino-1234


We offer both those modems for all NBN products except FTTP (Fibre To The Premise). As of now depending on stock levels you will get one of either the Huawei HG 659 or the TP Link VR 1600v.  Both modems offer similar specifications in regards to performance. These 2 modems have very similiar features and have been tested to ensure that they will both give a good level of service for our customers. There should not be any significant difference in the performance of these devices.

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the tp-link vr1600v is a realy good modem just works with out reboots and wifi is dam good both on 5ghz and 2.4 but has certain issues with house phones the huawei 659 wifi not so good and you have to reboot it every two or three days but has no glitches with house phones as i found out

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Not a good recommendation for either router.  If there are problems, wether intermittent or not, they should have been solved as one doesn't have any options but to except what is supplied if you want to use your home phone.

I have had several Netgear modem/routers over many years and have not had any problems, except when the old Telstra phone lines give trouble.

 Thanks for your feedback.

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it was a telstra complient nb phone peer guardian but in all defense of nbn this tech is new here there is not realy any good guides on home phones conecting to modems so weather its tpg or anther isp look arround and you wont find anythink and also bear in my case i do have a large home network but i have tplink vr-1600v and working well with pansonic cordles now also unden cordless works well as well so i am happy as its finaly sorted we are realy heavy gammers here three xboxones and 4 pcs  and three 4k tvs and qnap 8 bay icore seven nas  with 32 gig ram tablets  phones so yes network is used heavy.every user is diffrent not all have what i have running so please take that in to mind

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Thanks Hammer for your feedback. It's good to get actual user information.

Looks like the TP Link suits your situation.