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Can't get new modem/router to connect to NBN

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Hello I purchased a new D-Link 2888A Modem/Router to replace my faulty Huawei HG-659 on my Fixed Wireless NBN. I emailed TPG and asked for any information I would need to adjust settings ect. This is the email I recieved back. 


Please refer below to get your modem connected to our server:
Since you will be using a 3rd party modem, you will need to
refer to the modem's manual or contact its manufacturer for assistance
on its configuration.
Below are the settings needs to be configured in your modem:
Username: <TPG username>
Password: <your TPG Password>
Protocol / Encapsulation / Connection Type: PPPoE (sometimes,
you'll have PPPoE LLC)

Now as I'm not that savvy when it comes to all this stuff there is other settings in the modem that Im not sure I'm supposed to touch or not...

Was not told if it was supposed to be set to ADSL or VDSL so which one?
Do I have to manualy put in Primary and secondary DNS servers for TPG? 
If so what are they? Is there anything else I need to change/turn on or off?
Encapsulation? ATM QoS:? VLAN Priority:? MAC Address? Enable NAT:? MTU:?


So far just putting in my TPG user name and password has not done anything so I need some more info. No point asking D-Link..



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Select VDSL, username, password and PPPoE should be all you need to do with a modern modem/router, VLAN set to a value of 2 if it's not selected by default.

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Thanks orbistat, I tried the settings bit still had no connection to the net. 

I did persist with several changes and managed to get it working. For anyone one else that has fixed wireless this is what settings I had to use..
WAN....Residential Gateway.


VLAN ID....2


SERVICE TYPE.....Internet_Tro69




RECONNECT MODE.....Always on.


Happy with the speed of the new D-Link 2888A ..23.51Mbps up 4.10Mbps down.
my plan is 25/5 so cant complain. Thanks again orbistat.  


Good day @EvilClown,


Good to know that you've managed to make your new modem/router to work with the Fixed wireless connection.


Thank you for sharing the settings that you've made with your modem as this can help other customers or viewers if they are planning to use a third party modem as well. Smiley Happy


Should you require any assistance, please let us know.


Kind regards,

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Thanks BasilDV. 

I know its not TPG's job to provide full set up details for third party modems/routers but I feel if a customer asks it would not take long to look over the set up instructions for the make/model in question and provide a simple list like I have shown to make life a bit easier for us non technical people..



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Hi EvilClown,

Thanks for sharing the details.  I'm keen to upgrade from the Huawei HG659 - It works OK but I think I could do better.


How do you find your new Router's performance overall? WiFi etc.

How is the home phone connected to the router (WiFi?) - what model of phones are you using?

Do you now if SNMP is available on your router?  I'm looking for routers with this feature as it would allow me to monitor which computers on my homenet are chewing up the bandwidth and quota.

Cheers J-P


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Hi, I've got exactly the same problem. I have also a D -Link modem and want to connect it with TPG. I done the same settings, but still wouldn't connect. Could you please tell me what the advanced settings for the internet connections are.

Hi @andreaskoltai,


May we know the model of your D-Link modem?


Also, can you please share a screenshot of the settings that you've made?


Were you able to contact D-Link support team to check the device? Is there any information that they need to complete the set up? If not, please contact D-Link and advise us if what they need for the device to work.




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Hi BasilDV,

My Modem is a D-Link AC1600 and these are the settings I tried to connect it with:

Screen Shot 2019-07-13 at 10.44.19 am.pngScreen Shot 2019-07-13 at 10.44.42 am.png

Thanks for your help. I take another screenshot of the advanced settings.


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Screen Shot 2019-07-13 at 11.19.56 am.png