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Can't set up NBN, Scanning Internet Connection Failed

Level 2

I've just signed up for NBN 2 days ago, with the confirmed status from email being "Advance Payment", but I've received SMS that the service is installed but they can't see me online. So I tried setting it up with the NBN box that comes in my apartment - UNI D1 port light is orange, Internet light on modem is blinking green. 


I started wizard as per the set-up guide but the error message came up as:


"Scanning Internet connection failed. Your device can not connect to Internet."


I tried contacting TPG on several occassions, each of the representatives giving me different reasons for this, first saying that I am still connected to their Homewireless Broadband (which I've asked to cancel to change to NBN); the second saying that my modem (HG659) is not compatible with FTTP NBN for my apartment. 


Before I purchase a new modem, I want to know what the actual problem is because they all seem like flimsy excuses from representatives who reach for the easiest explanation. 


I'm very new to NBN connections, I don't even know if my service is activated, but I checked on NBN Co and it said that my address is already connected to NBN and there is no outage. 


Please let me know what I can do. 


Hi @jiradasornjai


If you are under the NBN FTTP service, then you just need a router device.


The HG659 should work if you'll set it up as a router only device and configure it with PPPoE.


We'd like to confirm if the service has been installed and check on what we need to do further.


Kindly send me a PM with your account details.