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Can you please associate my old email address with my new account?

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Can you please associate my old email address with my new account?


I have rung twice, and both times have been told it's been fixed - but it still isn't. 




Just over one month ago, I received an email saying:


"We received a notice from NBN that you have requested to transfer your NBN service to another provider.".


I had to sign up for a new internet account. 


In signing up again, I asked several times if I could retain access to my old email address. I was reassured several times that I would be able to.


That was a relief – as it has been my primary email address for over ten years, and it will be quite a bit of work to update everything that uses it.


However, on the account cancellation date, I lost access to that email address. 


I have rung the help desk twice and been told it will be fixed within 24 hours.


It has not been fixed.


This doesn't seem like it should be hard.


Can I please have my old email address associated with my new account?


This is starting to be more than a minor inconvenience.


Hoping for some action.




Hi @andrewm1


If your old TPG email has been cancelled and you wish to keep it, you can convert it to an email only service. POP3 costs $27.50/yr whilst IMAP costs $40/yr. If you are not willing to pay, it can be an email alias to an existing NBN service you have. However, it will not have its own inbox and all emails coming to it will be directed to your new TPG email address. If you are willing to do it, please PM us with the following:


Old TPG email address:

Current NBN username or customer ID:

Contact number: 

Preferred date and time of callback:

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