Cancel 5 G broadband

Level 2
Hi TPG Team,
I have 2 accounts internet service at the moment. I want to switch back to NBN since the 5G modem is not reliable.
For God sake, I try to call the TPG customer service to can every week to cancel just my TPG 5G modem. The customer service said I will get my email of cancellation in 3-5days. Huh? No email or any notification.
Now TPG charge again which internet that not I use. I so disappointed. I got charge the 2nd time for TPG modem and I call the CUstomer service that told me the cancellation just still in escalation.
What's is the point.??
I am happy to call my bank and block TPG forever if TPG not resolve my issue. I Need refund for last month and this month.

Hi @effendyxa, 


We're here to assist and would like to get to the bottom of this. Any chance you can PM your Account number or Customer ID?