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Cancel existing TPG Account - and do it now

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Immediately cancel my TPG NBN account. As in, right now. From this date, the 31/10/2020.


Since you have no online mechanism for me to cancel, here's my account number: ***3014 - You have an email to your cancel subscription page to act on.


ACCC law requires the provision of the ability to cancel/unsubscribe from services at any time when outside contract. That can't be done easily from here or from the mobile app.


Cancel it now. DO NOT CHARGE ME AGAIN. 


My Direct Debit for TPG has been cancelled and if you try to access the account you will be breaching the law and it will be a matter that will lead to legal action being taken.


I have tried contacting your listed numbers provided and had no response despite sitting on hold for significant periods and leaving details to have people contact me (which no-one ever does)  - the person to who this account is registered to is my former wife - we are now lawfully divorced and I am no longer liable for her debts - she is no longer resident in this country and as such the account is no longer required or wanted. It will not be used from the last date of this payment period (7/11) and if you cut it off sooner than that so be it.


Do not tell me that you will need to be in touch with me - it is clear from the host of emails within this community that you do not do the cancel account thing very well at all - god forbid it should be seen as a deliberate gouging mechanism - would that be cynical.


Do not access the account that would normally be direct debited




Dave Brierley 


Hi @sbrierley 


We regret to read that you've decided to terminate your service with us.

Your request has been raised to our Accounts team and a case manager will respond to your Email for further updates.


We wish you all the best with your new provider and stay safe.