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I received my modem today and it is not plug and play. My account has not been activated. I called customer support during their work hours and it took 15 minutes for my call to be answered. I told them the issue and they transferred me to technical support. They took 1 hour and 20 minutes to answer, only to tell me this is a customer support issue and their office has now closed. Your website says the 5g broadband is plug and play. It isn't. It says no technician required. This is wrong. It says TPG provides great service. TPG does not provide this. I need a reply addres for the modem and I will not be paying postage. Please provide me with a COD option. I want a refund of the connection fee I paid on the 12th of December. I only paid this in the belief the service was plug and play and that TPG provides great service. 


Hi @dhirst69


We'd like to have a better understanding of the situation and see what we can do to resolve this.


Kindly shoot me a PM with your account details.