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Cancellation due to poor service and speeds

Level 2

I have had numerous problems since going over to NBN. dropouts all the time poor connections speeds. Finally had enough so decided to cancel. Had a call from TPG who told me to email them with my cancellation date.I was told it would be 30 days from the date I had originally called to cancel. This was 27th of January so I naturally thought my termination date would be 30 days from then. TPG took my 70 dollars on the 16th January, they also took 34 dollars on the 6th February, and terminated my NBN on the 5th feb.

Two hours trying to get through to someone eventually gave up. Nothing but trouble with TPG since they day I went over to NBN.


Hi @tommo2020


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We're sorry to learn about your recent experience as this is not the type we aim to provide. We'd like to understand you better and assist in the best way we can. 


If it's not too much to ask, could you please send your Customer ID or service address via private message in order for us to assist you accordingly? 


Thank you! 

Level 2
I won't be giving you my details, I am just glad I am away from Tpg.
Maybe you should have a proper cancellation form that you can send to customers when they wish to cancel. Make the form clear and concise and explain everything. My guess is this will be your most popular form judging by the comments on here

Hi @tommo2020,


We understand that you wish to cancel the service. However, we need your cooperation to proceed. We need the account information for the security of the account and we'll have our Account Specialists team discuss you all the information on of cancellation.


We'll wait for your account details.