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Cancellation of service

Level 2

Hi there


I have recently begun a FTTB NBN plan (no contract). I am still within the first billing cycle.


I am wondering whether it's possible to cancel the service and (potentially) reconnect it in the future?


What would be my costs in:

a) cancelling the service; and

b) (hypothetically) reconnecting the service in the future with the existing modem/router?


Thank you in advance.




Hi dltwofold,


Refering the cancelllation


And for reconnection NBN


Please check it out, in any case I could advice to contact our customer service


Level 2

Thank you very much for the response.


Can you please cancel my service?


If not, who do I contact? 





You can tried by this link, or contact our customer service department


However be aware of the terms and conditions