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Cancelled application refund

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Hi, I applied for ADSL no contract lock-in service some time ago. Upon submitting application I was charged $179 (set-up and first month). However, TPG later advised they are unable to proceed as there's no lead-in cable at property and I needed to arrange with Telstra lead-in installation. Given specific circumstances this appears to be very costly exercise. Besides, I don't own the property. I wanted to cancel application and claim the refund. I wonder what the process is? I called customer service and was advised that according to their records this service is active and I need to submit service cancellation form. The service will be cancelled after 30 days then. This appears wrong to me. Also, in service cancellation form I don't see any mentioning of refund. Thank you.


Hi @ADSL-User,


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I am sorry to know that you're considering canceling your account with us. I went ahead and use your comment details to pull up the account and I got a match. I've seen that our Accounts Team received your email cancellation request and it is now under assessment. I will chase this up and request a callback for the update tomorrow between 10-12NN.



Good day, ADSL-User


I can see that our Accounts Team has been trying to reach you to discuss the matter at hand to no avail. You may let us know of your most convenient time to receive a call or may simply reply to the SMS sent by our Accounts Team. 


Thank you!