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Cancelling ADSL but keeping mobile - can I still keep my email address?

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Hi there,


I am a current ADSL2+, recently moved to a new place where my significant other has set up ADSL2+ separately with TPG. 


My plan at the moment is to cancel the old house ADSL2+. However, I plan to retain my TPG mobile services. 


I got off the call with the Retention team about cancelling the service however I forgot to mention my concern about my TPG email address. My question is, through cancelling my TPG Internet service, will I lose my TPG email address? Or will I retain it by virtue of being a TPG mobile customer?


Grateful for any advice offered.


Hi @kunming 


Welcome to TPG Community!


Since you'll cancel the TPG ADSL2+ account, the email address will be cancelled along with it.


If you want to retain the Email address, then you have the option to set it as an Email only account.


You may contact our Accounts team or advise us with your preferred time and best number to be contacted via PM to arrange a callback for you.