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Cannot send email from outlook

Level 3

All of a sudden I'm not able to send email from my outlook using tpg's mail server while email reception is fine.

Sending email has been working all the while but all of the sudden it stopped working.

All emails stay in the OUTBOX in outlook forever and not sending.

Sending emails via tpg's webmail (post office) works.

Anyone experience the same?

Level 15

Hi @martian . There is a problem with TPG's mail server. It is very slow to respond. Your mail may get sent after a few minutes. If Outlook asks to wait or cancel send, try waiting.

Level 3

Thanks @david64.


That makes sense. Two days ago I had waited for quite some time and it refused to send. Yesterday it did sent but it took some 5 minutes plus to send.


I think TPG mial server exhibits issue from time to time as I experienced it from time to time though this is the first time I complain here.


Thanks again for your response.

Level 3

I posted this today not long before you ...


Since moving from TPG NBN to TPG Broadband I can no longer send emails from Outlook but I can still receive them.  If I use a mobile phone hotspot I can send the emails but I also need to be able to send them by using the TPG service.  I could previously send the emails with the previous TPG NBN service.


Its not that its slow, they just don't send.  I think I may need to switch back to the NBN.

Level 15

@martian . You might be having the same problem as me; mail not being sent.


I sent this to postmaster:

Mail server slow to respond. Mail server is taking too long to respond when sending mail using mail client (SMTP). Happens with Thunderbird, Outlook, Windows Live Mail.
There are threads in Community today at 11:52 am, 3:39 pm, 4:11 pm, 8:01 pm.
Looks like it accepts emails only one every 5 minutes. After waiting 5 minutes, a test mail is sent within 2 seconds.
At the SMTP level, client connects to mail server, receives 220 response, sends HELO command, gets the TCPIP ACK response, but not the 250 server response. Client times out after one minute.


And received this:

Our system engineers are now looking into this matter.
We will get back to you once we have an update from them.


Level 3

@david64 - Thank you!