Changing to NBN

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Hi Smiley Happy

We have been having some trouble changing our TPG plan over to the NBN. TPG and the line owner (Optus) are sending us back and forth, asking us to speak to each other. Is there an easy way to settle this tennis match? It would be great to be able to switch without cancelling and starting all over again. 


Hi @joeruello,


For customers who want to sign up with TPG NBN, we recommend to Check if NBN is available at your place first. From that link, customers can view the available TPG NBN plans and register their interest. Or contact our NBN Sales directly at  1300 720 016.


We have created this community article about a Guide to choosing the best TPG NBN Plan for you


In your case, we were unable to find your address, thus we have coordinated with NBN Co. to locate it and check if it is NBN serviceable.


As per checking, your address is expected to be NBN ready on June 2020.


We source all of our data for upcoming NBN releases directly from NBNCo. We acknowledge that these dates are subject to change and unfortunately often do. As a reseller, we have limited control over NBN Co.'s network and rollout.

You can check the NBN roll out map on our website using the link below to know when NBN service is planned to be available in your area:


We'd recommend that you register your interest so we can surely let you know once we are ready to connect you to the NBN.


Let us know should you have further queries.