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Changing username

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I'm moving home and as per a requirement, I need to create a new username. I would like to keep the current one.


Would be posible to change my current username (ie. from Abcdef to Abcdef_001)?

If so, will be able to use the current one in the new settings (new will be Abcdef)


Thank you


Hi @guilrosr 


Welcome to TPG Community!


We've managed to pull up your account using your community details. It seems that you have spoken to our Moving Home Specialist regarding the relocation of your service.


Regrettably, it is not possible to change your current username but you have an option to convert it to an email only service which cost $27.50 per year. For more details, you may check our website at


If you are decided to proceed with your relocation of service, do not hesitate to let us know.


Best regards!