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Hi TPG management team,

My family and I have been loyal customers with TPG for over 10 years. 

Our recent experience of seeking technical support and customer service has been extremely terrible and disappointing. We are looking for alternatives now. 

As advised by the government, we started work from home and found the internet speed was too slow to do the job. Last week,  I rang your sales person and upgraded the plan to NBN50. By the next day, there was no improvement to the speed. We had to rush back to work in the office otherwise we might got fired. At the same time, our home phone stopped working. In addition, my mobile was not connected to all incoming calls. 

I rang your technical support for numerous times and waited for the call back but that never happened. 

These chaos lasted for 3 days. We were left in this situation and didn’t know what to do. 

As a customer, what we need to know is the cause of these problems, how you are going to resolve them and how long it takes to have it done.

Lastly, your sales person suggested us getting a new modem. It was sent to us before I confirmed the order. 

We need accurate and timely communication. 

I wish TPG will value your customers and do something to compensate our time lost in making phone calls and travelling back to the office, our frustration and our risk of contracting the covid virus on transports.


Hi @wkcho02,


We absolutely appreciate your loyalty. We welcome all feedback as hearing from our customers is the best way we can improve our business. 


Any chance you could send your Customer ID or username via private message in order for us to locate your account and lodge for an escalated point of contact and begin the steps in our escalation process?