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I just put in an application about install the new internet service in my new property and one of your sale team member just called me to help with the installation. But I just curious about why he told me to open a new account? I been using TPG for 2 years and have been move the service before so this is not the first time I done the same thing. I still can use the same account before but why this time I can't? Also, I still have a mobile plan in there and I don't wanna change anything. 
I am considering to change the service from TPG now because TPG service make so many confused to me. Why I keep choosing TPG service this time because I just want to make thing easier. If I need a new account I would rather to use other company I think.

Hi @Ivypoon17200,


We understand how inconvenient to set up a new account and we apologise for what happened.


Looking into the status of your relocation request, we can see that it is now in progress and it shows that you get to keep the same account details. You will receive further updates via email once the relocation of your service is completed.


For customers who want to relocate their service, we have created this article that may help in Moving your TPG services


Let us know if we can be of further assistance.