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I have recently had to relocate because of personal and family circumstances changing and upon attempting to relocate my service I was told that through no fault of my own I would be charged an early termination fee because you do not offer service in the area I am relocating to and upon receiving this news I was told by your customer service to reply to your cancellation email disputing the charge.

Upon disputing this charge I was told that the terms and conditions stated that your services are not available in all areas and because of an extremely ambiguous “various third party charges” you would be “unable” to wave the charges.

I find it extremely unlikely or believable that you would be charged by a third party “up to $350” for having to cancel a service.

Upon receiving this this reply I was told by the next customer service representative initially “she could not see this email” in your record of contact to me, which I offered to forward this email to her to show her the reply. She told me instead to read it to her, but before I could she told me to email the cancellation team and dispute (which I already had) after being sick of the run around I asked to speak to a complaints department.

I was told that her Manager / Supervisor would contact me within 30 minutes, but that timeline changed as well and was informed by close of business I would be contacted and to no surprise I have still not spoken to anyone regarding this issue.

Perhaps you need to spell out in your terms in conditions that if you sign up, don’t relocate unless you can a) move and have the service available b) have some one who you can wrangle into taking over your account, even a complete stranger c) ONLY relocate to where TPG has service (with the current cost of housing is extremely likely not to be possible) d) don’t sign a contract unless you want to be anchored in spot for upwards of 18 months.

Hi @joshlholman 


Thanks for raising this to our attention and we apologise for the inconvenience.

We were able to locate your account using your community details and reviewed the case.


We'll raise this with our Accounts team and have a case manager to assess the case in order to come up with a reasonable resolution.


A case manager will be in touch with you via Email or Phone call within 24 to 48 hours.