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Configure Sagemcom 5866T as 5G modem only - is this equivalent to it being configured as an Access Point

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Just received the TPG 5G modem/router Sagemcom 5866T and would like to know if I can configure it to work soley as a modem and be able to connect to my existing multi-WAN TP-Link ER605 router?


I have searched the community and have found references to the 5866T not being able to be configured in Bridge Mode but also have seen references to it being instead configured as an Access Point! I can't find a User Manual to see if these are equivalent functionality and if they are who would provide me with the information to configure as an Acess Point (eg APN, Username, Password etc)?


Thanks for any information you may be able to share. 


Hi @derekj . If you have a Sagemcom from TPG, you must be trialling their 5G wireless broadband plan. If you decide to ditch the 5G plan and revert to standard NBN connection, I think TPG will want the Sagemcom unit back. Wanting to use it in any capacity is a moot point.

If it could be reconfigured, you would have it as an access point connected to the ER605. The DHCP function would be disabled; the ethernet and wifi would still work.