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Connection OK, but Netflix slow or not working

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Hi Y'all

Just wondering if anyone has had this issue and resolved it?...

Every since going up to the 36Mb plan, my connection speed has been OK (definitely fast enough for Netflix) but Netflix will just not load anything like there is no connection. It appears as though it's a Netflix problem, but Netflix works fine on my mobile through my TPG connection. The issue is with my Fetch boxes..

Anyone else seen this?


Hi @flappyhead,


Welcome to TPG Community!


Based on the information that you provided, it seems there's an issue in the Fetch box. Is it connected via Wired or Wi-Fi? If it's connected through Wi-Fi, can you please try connecting it via Wired to the modem.


If it's Wired, have you tried using a different cable? Also, have you done some basic troubleshooting for it? Ex. turn off and on, pressing the reset button (if available), etc.


You can also contact the manufacturer of your Fetch box for more information and support.