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Hi. I've moved into a house that has NBN wall socket and received my modem today however, I've now realised I need a NBN connection box. There is none at the property. How do I gain one? Cheers.

Hi @gulbi486,


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As per checking, your address is classified by NBN Co. as Service Class 24, which means that it is NBN HFC serviceable, all equipment has been installed and it can be remotely activated.

However, if there's no NTD or NBN Black Box, we'll need to investigate and escalate the issue to our Provisioning Team who will be coordinating the matter with NBN Co.

You will be contacted by a case manager within the day to discuss the matter.


Let us know via PM should you have a preferred contact number and time.


Thank you.


Hi @gulbi486, we can see that our Provisioning Team has been in touch and discussed the concerns raised. Should you need further assistance, feel free to message us. Thank you.