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Constant Dropouts + Incredibly slow speed

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In the past few months, our ADSL2 connection has been dropping out so we end up using 4G on our devices... I've restarted the modem etc and still doesn't get any better. Our speedtests are poor too, not what we are paying for. We are buffering than streaming.


I've called support when this issue arose again when everyone at home started to said that it is our distance to the exchange, and the amount of device connected. If someone has any ideas on getting the speed we are paying for or is this just another way to get us to get NBN?


Hi @tasokats


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I located your account using your Community details.


I've ran remote tests on the line and the results shows no physical line fault. 


Can you give me an idea of your network set up by answering the questions below:

  • Is your computer connected to the modem through ethernet cable?
  • Does your problem happen on any particular time of day?
  • Does any of the device on the local network have a peer to peer software such as torrent or vuze?
  • Do you have any software or application on any device that is doing upload/download/updates?
  • Please post the test results from

Please make sure that the computer is connected to the modem directly through ethernet cable, the wireless is turned off on the modem, no other device is connected to the network & there are no application or software on the background that are active doing downloads/uploads/updates while doing the test.



Level 1a



the modem is connected to the phone line as per usual.


  • We all connect via wifi.
  • We have added Google Wifi to increase the signal across the house.
  • At any given time there could 7 to 10 devices connected, ipads, iphones, laptops, PS4, Foxtel, SmartTV etc etc.
  • No Peer to Peer
  • Test results at 12pm from my wifi connection - 5.2 dn / 0.8 up - this ranges from 3.5 dn up to 7.5 dn at various stages of the day.
  • I cannot connect directly to the modem, no connections to USB-C to Ethernet.


Is it unreasonable to want the speeds for what we pay for - 12mbp? I know in the past TPG have said up to 12mpb, but we've seen no better than 8 at times when no one is a wake Smiley Happy






Thanks for the additional information @tasokats


As of the moment, we need to also eliminate any possible equipment, Wi-Fi limitation and bandwidth sharing issue by doing basic checks once your at home. I'd like to arrange a call from one of our technicians. 


Please let us know your best contact time and number via Private Message and we'll arrange this for you.




Hi @tasokats


We'd like to make a follow up with your contact details. 


Once available, please PM us and we'll take it from there.