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How silly can TPG be if you are calling TPG it is in most cases to do with internet problems so it is quite assinine to suggest going to a TPG website. GET THE FONES WORKING!!! Even Telstra can be contacted albeit to the Philippines.


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Thanks for your query!

If you post your concern here, it is probably the quickest way for us to help you while we are adjusting to COVID-19 situations.

There is also a new ''TPG Mobile APP'' to help you with various trouble shooting and account issues, via a mobile phone app.


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The bind I am in is that at Church Point I am in one of those black holes as far as mobile fones are concerned. I think it is about time that everyone stops using Cor-Vid as an excuse. I am sure there are ways around the problem one can still contact Telstra even if it is via the Philippines. Mind you it is time the pollies started to use some intelligence and back away from all of the Cor_Vid hysteria.


Hi @rbrents 


Are you having concerns with your current  ADSL service, or are you trying to signup for NBN..??


I can see you are 6km from a phone exchange. 

I would DEFINITELY be moving on to the NBN ASAP for a much better service.



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The phone app is a joke. Support tickets lodged through there do not get a response. The speedtest says there is no network connection when connected to wi-fi I just installed the app through. Get a proper dev.