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TPG cannot supply the base speed

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I have been a TPG customer for 7+ years and i have lost track of the number of times i've called or emailed.
My internet speed commonly vary from 2mb/s to .01mb/s (normally on the lower end).
Everytime i call i go down the same route. rebooting moderm, they check the line, they tell me they have notice on the logs i've had dropouts. Then after i while i'm told that it's my cabling in the house and that they'll send a tech out so my house. Yeah yeah, i've done all that a number of times. In fact over this seven year time frame i have pulled out and replaced my wiring a number of times.
I tend to give up live with the crap connection for another 2-4 months.
On rare occations i do get 6+mb/s, so i know it's possible. But like i said its below 2mb/s a good 80% of the time.
I believe that ISP's have to supply a minimum of 2.5 or 3mb/s connections.
As my connection is below this minimum, this is a breach of our agreement and the ACCC guarantees that come with the purchase of a product or service.




Have you check the TPG maps?.

It gives you an average of the speed into your area. This is not base only on the distance from the Telstra telephone exchange. It is also based on the conditions of the copper network

Could you check if NBN is available on your area?


Level 2

I'm about 2km from my exchange. So really not that far.

ADSL2+ area speed 11509 Kbps
ADSL2+ My speed last Saturday ~ 400-40 Kbps

If you don't believe me, i'll attach a picture from my speed test.

Level 2

Here i still am,
A week later and my speeds at 0.85mb/s.
So that's it, I have to pay $60 a month for basically nothing?