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Convert Email Account Only to Slave Email Account with NBN

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I have been a TPG Customer ever since it started its service in Sydney.


My wife and I are registered owners of two respective Email Accounts Only which were created when my TPG ADSL connection was terminated (due to rebuilding of my house in 2015/16). Now my TPG NBN service is active and I want to move these two email accounts back as "Slave Email Accounts" with my TPG NBN.  I have been told that this is not possible and the only way to do it is through creating email alias but with no separate inbox. 


But nobody in TPG has explained why it isn't possible to convert these email only to slave email account.  Just saying that it isn't possible is not good enough.





Hi @samsonlee99 ,


Thanks for raising this to us. We tried to use your community details to pull up the account unfortunately it shows no matching records found, to better understand the situation please send me the standalone e-mail accounts only together with the TPG NBN account and we'll raise this with our Postmaster.


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